Love story
It was in the evening, I met these smart beautiful Abyssinian Ground-hornbill birds during their dinner. Actually, these birds are known as big eaters, so they always eat when they on the ground.

I was about to leave a point after taken few photos, but all of the sudden this scene happened.
A male (with red beard) and a female were feeding, and female abruptly turned - she heard something or saw a movement, checked, but found nothing and continued searching for food.
Next moment the male, who traced his wife's movement, checked a place where she heard/saw something and found big locust in there! 
But then, what happen next, would cause applause and tears of happiness in a romance movie. He gave that locust to his female!
She took it (what actually looked as a kiss) and ate it.
Then they proceed feeding together.
It was so touching. These birds make a couple for a life. What can say more about love than an honest care?..