Let's get acquainted!

I am a woman with a camera in my hands, nature-dependent and inspired by nature. Sight through the lens has changed my attitude to many things, and nature and animal observation have revealed secrets much greater than Tibet opened them at the time, where I, like many, was looking for answers to important questions. Understanding nature, you feel a sharp pain because of its destruction by humans... I make my small contribution of trying to preserve it by shooting funny and beautiful stories that would draw attention to the animals world, making people think about what everyone can do for our Earth. I participate in various projects to educate children and adults.

My great passion is to dig to the bottom of things that interest me, and for several years now I have been developing my technique of handmade paintings based on my photographs. I work with canvases, mirrors, wood, paper... And, if you want to cooperate or to be my representative - contact me!
The site has a form for communication and a convenient form for requesting about each item.

Currently, I am opening a new page for myself - taking photos of people. It is difficult to me to restrain myself from admiring each of my models in the description, but I deliberately stop
 myself, because they are all equally beautiful and important to me, and the biggest reward for me - is to have a result, so model herself, who has never considered herself photogenic, says "wow"..!

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If you are interested in tours to Africa (and not only) - with me or on your own-for me the most responsible organizer is ftsafari.ru

Well, welcome, and I hope you will be comfortable navigating through my site, which we created with love and webimage. pro