Nice to meet you!

I am a happy Woman with a camera in my hands, nature-addicted and nature-inspired. The view through the lens has changed my attitude towards many things, and the nature and the observation of animals have opened the secrets of life much better than at the time he discovered Tibet, where I, like many of you, was looking for answers to important questions. You'd say, there are can't be totally happy people in this World? It is true, of course. On the other scale - the comprehension that a lot of places and animals I photograph have all chances to disappear in the coming decades and our children and grandchildren will never see the jungle, the forest, the seas and oceans, how we still can see them today .The result how we care and aware of this problem, will be visible very soon. I'm doing my small part trying to take photos with funny and beautiful stories that could attract people's attention to the animals' world and force them to think about what everyone can do for our Earth.

I do not belong to any green organization but I participate in the projects which educate children about the environment.

Now I will tell you a little bit about this website. My designers and I, webimage.pro worked with love to create the most convenient structure to view the gallery, stories for agencies and publishers, and a gallery with my handmade. Every object - photo or story or handmade has a button for the query. I'll receive every comment or request and will reply you as soon as possible.

All handmade is available for order. Any photo I can print on paper transfer it on a wood - examples you can see in handmade, or write to me with your ideas, and I'll send it to you. Please, just keep in mind that to create a photo on wood takes me about a month. And all peaces of wood are exclusive.

For agencies and all who wish to receive updates about new downloads on the website – they will be able to subscribe to a particular gallery. So you will only receive notifications about the gallery you are interested in.

Another question which is popular at present. I don't organize tours. I'm friends with professionals who have been organizing tours for over 25 years. Therefore, I can safely recommend feliz tropical safaris (fts), if you are looking for an organizer of your tour almost anywhere in the world. But of course, we can arrange joint projects: Your idea - our realization!

So, hope you'll have fun!