Seria "The circle of life" in Yahoo.com


Komodo dragons and a goat story in one of the biggest German magazins "Bild"


Komodo dragons and a goat story in Express.co.uk


Mother-orangutan hits wild boar with a stick to protect her baby.

Daily mirror 03.05.16

Photo from "Circle of life" seria, small chameleon on a pink flower

The Week Junior

A long story of hunting in the Ngorongoro Crater. Three attempts and lions stayed hungry. Nine lionesses and four lions waited for a lunch in the bushes. The lionesses got a scolding from males for left them hungry!


Green Mamba sheds her skin. The phenomenon, which would be extremely difficult to capture in nature, because of high poison of this snake. The whole process took about 5 minutes.


The leopard "settled" in a bird's nest. This tree is unusual for a leopard. A few cars with tourists interrupt his trek and forced to hide. Accidentally it happened to be a big nest on top of tricky bushes. I was lucky enough to witness it on camera.


The bloodthirsty story of the island of Komodo. If you are very sensitive do not watch. About story - the dragons have to be dragons - mighty and bloodthirsty.


Lion accidentally marks  of his son right in the face, instead of tree. The reaction of the lion cub and lioness are very expressive.


Happened on Borneo. Mama orangutan kicked away a huge wild pig with a stick to protect her very young son.


Lightning strike looks like it is travelling down the neck of the giraffe as the herd moves along the African plains 
Russian photographer Julia Sundukova at first thought the 6m tall animal had been hit by the lightning strike
The sky left her with an ominous feeling as the storm got closer and closer to the giraffes



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Lightning Bolt Misses Giraffe
Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari explains how a lucky photographer gets shot that looks like a lightning bolt has hit a giraffe (which it did not) at Etosha National Park in Namibia.

Russian photographer Julia Sundukova thought she captured the shot of a lifetime when she took what appeared to be an image of a giraffe being struck by lightning.

But the giraffe is perfectly fine; if you look closer, you'll notice that the lightning bolt was nowhere near the animals. The giraffes at Namibia's Etosha Park were in a field facing away from the storm and did not see the lightning bolt as it was produced, according to the Daily Mail.


Perfectly timed snap makes baby baboon look like it has an elephant's trunk!


These perfectly-timed images make a gentle giant giraffe look like a carnivorous predator as he chomps down on an unsuspecting oxpecker.


IN a battle of claws and strength, two male Komodo dragons fight for dominance


This is the remarkable moment a pair of Komodo dragons tore a goat to pieces after hunting the animal in a pack on the remote Indonesian island they call home.

Bearing more than a passing resemblance to their prehistoric dinosaur ancestors, the photographs show the dragons made short work of the doomed goat.

The gory scene was captured by photographer Julia Sundukova, from Russia, while visiting Komodo Island, Indonesia.

Incredibly, after the pair made short work of the goat another dragon, clearly looking for a free meal, joined in the frenzy as the massive predators tore their prey apart.

Ms Sundukova said: 'The Komodo dragons on the island are wild, but a lot of people choose to feed them which has encouraged them to closer to humans.

'There are too many dragons on the island for them to be able to hunt properly as there isn't enough prey. But I managed to find a real interaction. When the dragons spotted the goat, their behaviour changed completely - before they had seemed quite lazy.

'But as they went in for the kill, their laziness completely vanished and they became quite beautiful in how wild they were. It was tough to watch, as the goat didn't stand a chance against such powerful predators.'


Incredible pictures show lemurs bungee jumping down from branches to inspect a camera.


This hungry chameleon cant help but smile after devouring his dinner. [Caters News Agency]


This hungry chameleon can’t help but smile after devouring his dinner.


Stunning photographs demonstrate the bizarre relationship between the animal kingdom's tallest mammal the giraffe and the tiny red-billed oxpeckers in east Africa.